Welcome to Sunrise Therapy

Sunrise Therapy Services is a well-respected company that has been serving pediatric clients, ages birth to twenty-one  for over twelve years.  Sunrise Therapy provides the highest quality  Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy,  Physical Therapy, Vision Therapy, Developmental Special Instruction, Respite Care Services and Habilitation Services for children all over the valley.

The mission of Sunrise Therapy Services is to create an environment that embraces, supports and empowers families of children with diverse delays to enhance the children’s abilities in all areas of life.

Sunrise Therapy uses a collaborative team approach with the highest quality therapists  to create an environment that fully embraces all areas of the child’s potential to provide a more comprehensive and effective treatment for the “whole child”.

Who We Serve

  • Kid Focused:  With over 12 years of experience in providing quality physical, occupational & Speech/language services.
  • We Educate families with Knowledge that builds understanding and confidence, giving families the tools they need to enhance their own child’s full potential.
  • Therapist’s are considered extremely specialized in many areas including  sensory integration, and apraxia.

Sunrise Therapy Services teamed up with Moore Vision Skills in 2011 to create a more diverse and holistic approach to treatment of the “whole” child.